Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How did the Sister Cities Movement Start?
A: This is a great question that we posed to Mr. Herbert L. Pankratz, Archivist at the Dwight D. Eisenhower Library. He replies:

“The sister cities program started as part of the People to People movement which began with President Eisenhower’s encouragement in 1956. Read more about it here.

Q: What year was Sister Cities of Cary founded?
A: The Sister Cities Association of Cary was founded in 1988. We have been active in the Cary community ever since then.

Q: What are Cary’s Sister Cities?
A: Cary has four sister cities: Le Touquet, France in 1992, County Meath, Ireland in 2001, Hsinchu, Taiwan in 1993 and Markham, Canada in 2002.

Q: How can I receive additional information about Sister Cities of Cary?
A: There are three easy ways that you can receive additional information:

  1. You can sign up to receive our monthly newsletter
  2. You can contact us if you have a specific question or two that isn’t answered on the website
  3. You are always welcome to attend our board meetings or social events.

Q: What does Sister Cities of Cary do? What activities does it participate in?
A: Excellent question! We work with the Town of Cary and many of the cultural organizations in Cary to promote our four Sister Cities and facilitate exchanges with them. See our About Us page for more information.We participate in many activities including co-producing the annual Children’s Day Festival of Cary with the American Turkish Association, the annual Lazy Daze Beer and Wine Garden with the Town of Cary, our Annual Citizen Diplomacy Summit, and what may become an annual tradition, The Ceilidh in Cary. We also have an annual Beaujolais Wine Celebration, which is one of our main fundraisers.

Q: How can I become involved?
A: Easy! We are always looking for volunteers for our events, especially the Lazy Daze Beer and Wine Garden, Children’s Day Festival and Citizen Diplomacy Summit. We hold a call for volunteers in our monthly newsletters and will have information posted on this website.

Q: How can I become a member?
A: Our Benefits of Membership (link) page tells you everything you need to know about different types of membership in Sister Cities of Cary.

Q: Who should I contact for more information?
A: You can always contact us at our general e-mail address.