Officers & Board Members

Officers for 2018:

  • Micheál Lynch, President and County Meath Liaison
  • Birgül Tuzlali, Vice President and Turkish Sister City Development
  • Karen George, Secretary and Interim Treasurer
  • Ken George, Executive Board Member

Board Members for 2018:

  • Randy Bossé, German Sister City Development
  • Laura Stark, Le Touquet Liaison
  • Huijin Chuang, Hsinchu City Liaison
  • Sherry Rodriguez, Hsinchu Committee
  • Werner Hunn, German Sister City Development
  • Liz Mazurik, Town of Cary Festivals Committee Liaison
  • Barbara Pollard, Markham Committee Member

Town of Cary:

  • Jack Smith, Town Council Liaison
  • Kris Carmichael, Town Staff Liaison
  • Brittany Strickland, Town Staff Liaison